"The Parasite" is the first episode of Fighters.

Name The Parasite
Episode 1
Director Alvaro David and Alessandro Mendoza
Writer Javier Patzan
Producer Daniel Jacobo, Julio Enrique, Rodrigo Galvan, Cristian Chijoy
Previous "N/A"
Next "Fire vs Water"

Summary Edit

A Poisonous Worm attacks Julio, after the accident he becomes a zombie and attacks all the kingdom and the village.

Plot Edit

The episode starts with Alessandro, Alvaro, Daniel, Rodrigo, Javier, Julio and Cristian, are in the castle bridge playing to the sharpshooting bow competition but are interruped by a noise and watch a the poisonous worm "Parasite", the parasite bites Julio's Arm and is injured but the other knights defeat him, 1 Hour Later, Julio's Arm turns green and all her body also turns green by the parasite's bite, Later, He ends turned in a infected zombie and attacks the whole kingdom (including the village), but except the knights and are surprised by see all the people turned in zombies, The knights escape and unlocks the castle bridge, Alvaro says "I Got a Idea, When the zombies are about of attacking me and the others, all shots a Cure Potion" and Daniel says "That is a cool idea, Alvaro!" and the knights make a potion, Later, Attacking the zombies all turns to the normality, the episode ends.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Alessandro (Debut)
  • Alvaro (Debut)
  • Daniel (Debut)
  • Rodrigo (Debut)
  • Javier (Debut)
  • Julio (Debut)
  • Cristian (Debut)
  • Parasite (Debut & Latest Appearance)

Minor Characters Edit

  • King (Debut)
  • Prince (Debut)
  • Queen (Debut)
  • Princess (Debut)
  • Villagers (Debut)

Locations Edit

  • Kingdom
  • Castle
  • Village
  • War Plains

Objects Edit

  • Bow
  • Arrow
  • Zombie Cure Potion

Trivia Edit

  • Many Characters, Locations and Objects make his debut in this episode
  • In September 26, 2016, A Pilot is announced but the Fighters' Company cancel the Pilot episode
  • This is the only appearance of the parasite

Errors Edit

  • When the knights are playing sharpshooting a arrow throwed is seen in the ground but when the knights watch the parasite the arrow disappears